Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hello, Fall

Hi Everyone!

Fall has arrived!  And I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit--it is nice and cool outside.

I have always wanted to make some of those pretty little nest necklaces--so a couple of weeks ago, I finally found the time and made a few.  I suppose bird nests are really more of a spring-y thing, but I think they will still be nice for fall as well. 
This one is probably my favorite:

I love how the pearly beads look with the wire :)
They are super easy and fun to make--you just string 3 beads onto some wire and twist it around into a little nest!  They have such a sweet and simple look.

While I was messing around with jewelry, I decided to make a decorative holder for my earrings.  

Isn't it pretty?!
I really, really like it!  I just took an old brown, wooden frame, went over it with a white paint marker (leaving bits of the brown to keep the weathered look) and coated it with an acrylic spray.  I got rid of the back of the frame and cut out some cork board the same size.  I cut 3 pieces of lace ribbon that I hot-glued to the cork board.  I hot-glued the cork board into the frame, used the paint marker to doodle a quick heart in the corner, and I was done!  I love the brown lace--It works wonderfully for this project because you can loop the earrings through all the little holes in it. 

I hope you all have a lovely week!  <3

Thursday, September 13, 2012

An Update!

Hi Everyone!

I'm still alive...just really, really busy lately!  Pardon my forgetting about the blog for a while, I really do try to keep up with it!
Sadly, it looks like summer is gone for the year.  But there is ( as always!) a bright side!  Winter isn't really as bad as it is sometimes made out to be--after all, who doesn't like to curl up in their ffavorite chair with a crochet hook and a cup of hot chocolate? :) 

Speaking of crochet, I've finally gotten back into the groove as far as crocheting goes--I've literally been "stitching up a storm!" ;)

Here is my progress for Sideline Stitches so far:

1 scarf
2 cowls
0 hats

Yeah, I do need to work on hats.  But cowls are SO fun!  I'll get pictures of those items up soon--the scarf is a super pretty curly one, and the cowls are both grey.  One of the cowls has a hood, and it is my very, very favorite!  I LOVE it! :)  I love things with hoods!  Here is a roundup of some of my favorite free hooded patterns:

I LOVE the Bobble Hood with Tassels pattern!  It is SO pretty!

I have always wanted to make the V-neck Topper.  Really.  You can't see the
hood in this pic, but it IS there!  This sweater seems very Elvish to me...or maybe I just say that about
everything that I like ;)

I love the colors on this Hooded Scarf!  And I really love the pretty little pom-poms!
 Sorry if this posts seems rather thrown-together-at-the-last-minute! ;)

How is September treating you?