Get Featured!

Hullo, friends!

If you'd like to be featured on Stitching Up a Storm (and I mean, let's face it, who WOULDN'T?) I would be more than happy to oblige!

Just send me an email at  Send your blog address along with a little about you/your blog.  I'll check it out to make sure it's appropriate for my blog audience, and I'll get a post up within the same week.  I'd also be happy to promote your Etsy shop or anything of the sort :)  Seriously, it's free advertising, don't be afraid to drop a note to me!

I'd also love to do any blog swaps if you would happen to feel so inclined :)  Pinkie-promise that I won't embarrass you on our blog.  (At least, not too, too much.)

AND, one day when I somehow finally figure out how to make a button, I'll happily do button swaps.

And, you know, if you'd like to feature ME, well,  I wouldn't be against that either ;)

Blessings! <3

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  1. Hi! Sorry its taken me so long to respond to your sweet email(I'm in the process of creating a new email address for my blog right now but I would enjoy being featured on Stitching Up A Storm sometime ☺!) I definitely will be emailing you back really soon! ~Lilly


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