Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hullo, friends

For all of you who are sleepwalking through your daily routine, remember: Today is your day.

Stop sliding back. Live today so that tomorrow has no regrets.
You were wonderfully made by the creator of the universe.
Your life is like lyrics on a page--make it a song worth singing.
Stop waiting for tomorrow.

Time is precious--don't waste it.

Much love <3

Thursday, January 17, 2013

{dreaming of spring}

Hullo, friends!

I've been messing around a bit with one of my favorite apps, Stylish Girl (which I very highly recommend!  It's completely freeeeeee!!)

One of my favorite features is the "Outfits" tab.  You can use items from your closet and/or wish list to create and save outfits--it's really nifty. 
Here is a little outfit I put together with some items I am currently loving.  I'm really, really getting tired of winter (I know--already?!) and can't wait for spring to hurry up and get here!  Hence all of the spring-y colors.  If you wanted to be more realistic, you could skip the necklace and add a scarf and coat instead, I suppose :)

Much love to you all <3
Basic Essentials corduroy pants, for $15, Couldn't Filigree More Bracelet, for $24, Time to Bow Bracelet, for $12, Pattern Familias Dress, for $19, Guaranteed Charm Necklace, for $24

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{let's talk style: lessons from the past}

Hullo, friends!

I've been hopping around Pinterest (seriously, check it out: and I've really fallen in love with some of the vintage clothing styles. 
The main reason being, it is incredible how they can be so modest, and STILL be ah-door-able--seriously. 
Let's take a look at a few examples of some lovely vintage dresses (via Pinterest):

A 1970's dress

1950's dress

1915 Peacock dress

1913 Peacock evening dress

1950's day dress

I think it brings up a really good point that I wish the fashion industry would catch on to already:  immodesty does not = cute. 
Not by a long shot.  For an outfit to be "modest" it does not have to mean skirts that go down to your feet, turtleneck sweaters or bonnets.  One of the definitions of "modest" is "reasonable: not large, extreme or excessive."  In my opinion, that is definitely the key to dressing modestly.  Let's face it, we all know when we've gone over the line as far as modesty--you can tell when something you are wearing is too short, too tight, too sheer, etc... 

I mean, don't get me wrong--I am all for modern/inventive styles--that's why I love fashion, there is so much creativity involved.  It can just be very irritating and discouraging when it seems like all of the cute clothing are waaaaay too immodest. However, I think that in most cases, things can be worked with to fix the problem if you are willing to take the extra time styling it right.  
So I was thinking, how fun would it be to try to turn a normally immodest clothing item into a modestly cute outfit?  Stay tuned y'all--I'm going to do a post soon doing just that :)

What are some ways you keep your outfits adorably modest?

Much love to you all <3

Saturday, January 12, 2013

{my etsy shop}

Hullo, friends!

So I've finally taken the leap and have created an Etsy shop!  Woohoo!

My username on Etsy is thecraftyjedi (since Stitchingupastorm was taken) and you can check out my shop here:

{The Crafty Jedi's Shop}

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Much love to you all <3

Friday, January 11, 2013

high 5 for friday

Hullo, friends!

Ah, Friday! :) Time for the WEEKEND!

1.  I just finished up another commission the other day and am getting it ready to mail off :)  So excited!  (I'll be giving y'all an update on orders from me soon... stay tuned!)

2.  I picked up a cookie and was met with that sad little facial expression :D  Obviously the poor guy knew what was coming ;)  I was laughing SO hard!

3.  The best, cutest, most awesome cat ever.  (A.K.A. my cat Arwen)  Isn't she just adorable?  The found the little tie on my jacket and had a ball playing with it :)

4.  Thanks to the AWESOME picture-tutorial pictured (via Pinterest) I can now do a waterfall braid!  I am so excited, I just want to braid everything now!  (speaking of Pinterest, don't forget, you can follow me at

5.  And, speaking of my jacket, it is seriously the most awesome jacket, ever.  So awesome, that I seriously need to do a post sometime just about that jacket.  I could write a whole blog just about that jacket.  Love. it. so. much.  <3

I hope you are all having a lovely week--happy weekend! 

Much love to you all <3

Saturday, January 5, 2013

{wire elf ears}

Hullo, friends!

I've been wanting some elf ears (because I love Lord of the Rings elves) and because The Hobbit came out recently. I'm planning on going to see it again (YAY!) so I thought these would be fun to wear to the theater:

They are wire elf ears--you just slip them over your ear, bend to tighten, and you have elegant looking elf ears!
(Sorry about the's really hard to get pics of wire ears.)
Let me know what ya thing :)

Much love to you all <3

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{r2d2: the shoe edition}

Hullo, friends!

I have something totally fabulous to show y'all.

Are you sitting down?  Good.

Ok, prepare to be swept away with awesomeness...

R2D2 (which, for those of you who have been deprived of classic space operas, is a little droid in Star Wars) shoes.  I think they're pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. 
(Also note the adorable R2 action figure in that pic.  Isn't he the cutest?)

I saw the idea of glitter-R2 shoes on Pinterest (you can follow me at and after pulling out the thrifted glitter shoes I posted about a few weeks back, I tweaked the idea some and managed to make it work out. 

They were really rather easy to make!  The blue is just painted on with acrylic paint.  It turns out, the glittery surface is really easy to paint on.  I started out using tape to mark out the areas and such, but that ended up being too complicated for me, so I just went free handed.  The black outlines are just black permanent  marker.  And the red buttons are little sequins :)

If you'd like more info on how they were made, just let me know :)  After finishing them I had the realization (think: nightmare) that I should probably add some sort of seal to keep the color from coming off. I'll have to see about getting something.   

What do you think?  I'd love your opinions :)  I'm really excited to try something like this again!

Much love to you all <3