Tuesday, February 26, 2013

{hullo again}

Hullo, friends

I hope you are all doing well :) I haven't posted in a while, sorry for that. I've been busy as a bee lately, with all sorts of boring everyday things.
I've had a nasty little cold right now, which is of course never fun.
And though I haven't been posting, I have been crafting some. Mainly Twi'lek hats--I really can't believe how popular those have been to sell! :) It's so nice to work with people who can appreciate the things I make.
I don't really have a whole lot to post about...in other news, I heard Owl City's version of In Christ Alone via Pinterest the other day, and I highly recommend it. It's probably the loveliest rendition of the song I've heard yet. <3

"In Christ alone, my hope is found. He is my light, my strength, my song..."

Thursday, February 14, 2013

{Giveaway WINNER!}

Hullo friends!

Thanks to everyone that entered my giveaway! I really appreciate y'all's support! :)

And the winner is.....

Entry Comment #5, Bernice Garcia!


Happy Valentine's day, everyone!

Much love to you all <3

Friday, February 8, 2013

{high five for friday}

Hullo, friends!

(Linking up with From My Grey Desk)
Let's see what's going on for me lately...

1.  I did some little pink-with gold tips nails last night :)  Love 'em <3
2.  I'm really loving the song "Background" by Lecrae right now--actully, pretty much anything Lacrae, "Background is just my current favorite ;)  "So just let me shadow you, and just let me trace your lines--matter fact just take my pen, here, you create my rhymes.  'Cause if I do this by myself I'm scared that I'll succeed in no longer trusting you 'cause I only trust in me."
3.  I've been seeing these arm-knit scarves/cowls lately and I totally want to try it!  Aren't they just CUTE?!
4.  This is totally random, but  I've been laughing over it all week--(yes, I do need to get a life, thank you)--When shopping the other day, I caught a small snippet of a conversation--all I heard was this little boy saying, with a very shocked expression, "a donut?!"  Needless to say I started laughing out of nowhere.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall and hear that conversation! :)

5.  AND I have a GIVEAWAY going on right now! :)  But no entries so far :O  Where are my lovely follwers at? ;)  No worries, it's still going up to Valentine's day--check it out!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hullo, friends!

So I've finally gotten the chance to do a giveaway for y'all! :)

I made a few little things that I'll be giving away to one lucky winner :D

{giveaway items: 1 handmade (by me) wire LOVE necklace, 1 crocheted flower hair pin, 1 crocheted swirl/beaded hair pin and 1 crocheted/beaded flower brooch}


Ok--how to enter?

{Mandatory to enter:} Follow my blog via the button on my sidebar (Google Friend Connect) and leave a comment on this post telling me that you follow my blog.  (If you already follow my blog, just leave a comment anyway!) :)

{Extra ways to enter:}

  • Follow me on Pinterest and leave a comment on this post

  • Favorite my Etsy shop and leave a comment on this post

  • Write a blog post about the giveaway linking to this post and leave a comment here on this post

Please leave an email address in at least one of your comments so that I am able to contact you if you win.

This giveaway is only open to those within the 48 contiguous states--I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!

The contest will be open until midnight, February 13th--I will then randomly (using RANDOM.org) choose a winner the following day (Valentine's Day.)

  Ok, you can start commenting now! :)  I can't wait to choose a winner!

Much love to you all! <3

Saturday, February 2, 2013

{tissue paper flowers: tutorial}

Hullo, friends!
Today I was working on wrapping a birthday gift for a friend--which as a side note, I am quite terrible at. 
I can not do any sort of fancy wrapping--not even just plain wrapping--instead it always looks like I got something and just wrapped and taped wherever I liked...which is pretty much what I do--but while 'wrapping' today, I was messing with some little strips of tissue paper I had left and made some little flowery-things.  So I thought I'd make a tutorial to share, just for fun :)
They're amazing aren't they? :P  Before I even try to go any further with this post, though, let's talk about my nails:

I know. They totally rock. For those who don't know, they are Lord of the Rings nails--see it?! It's the inscription that was on The One Ring! I'll do a tutorial on that sometime :)

Ok, back to flowers. 

1.  First up, you need a strip of tissue paper--it can be as long or short as you like. 

2.  Crumple up the end into a little ball

3.  Now start to loosely twist the tissue paper, crumpling it a bit as well, and wrap it around the ball in a circle

4.  Keep twisting

5.  Once you run out of tissue paper, fold the end to the back of the flower

6.  Put some tape on the back to hold it in place

7.  Repeat with all of your scrap tissue paper
Aren't they cute?!  And it adds a nice touch to my rather crazy wrapping!
Much love to you all <3

Friday, February 1, 2013


Hullo, friends!

Whew--it's been a while since I've posted! My apologies on that, I've been preeeeety busy lately!
Time for another round of High Five for Friday :)

1. I love cream of wheat. So, so much. It is the best thing ever with some Splenda & bananas :)

2. I got a hair curling wand, (which is really awesome by the way--it works really well!) and the highlight was by far the warning it had. "Caution-this product can burn eyes." Really?! So this is what Frodo needed all along to destroy Sauron...

3. More orders! I didn't think these Twi'lek hats would be so popular, but I've gotten two more orders in this week :) my fingers hurt a bit from all that crocheting, but it is definitely satisfying being paid for something I love to make! :)

4. I've been meaning to share a pic of this necklace with y'all--my sister made it for me for Christmas, and I totally love it! It's a Japor Snippet necklace (For those of you who don't know, it's Star Wars.) Such a cute necklace!

5. I'm going to be having my first ever GIVEAWAY sometime soon!!! Stay tuned for a post about it and a chance to win!

Much love to you all <3