Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sideline Stitches!

Hi Everyone!

Grace Ann from Would You Like Yarn with That? is hosting a really clever take on crochet-alongs :)

The idea of Sideline Stitches is to crochet/knit certain project/s you choose during the NFL football season. 

I don't actually watch football (I was sadly never into sports...I might enjoy watching football more if I actually knew how the game works!) but I like the idea of having a certain timeline to complete projects in! 

So here is what I plan to make starting September 5th:

3 Hats
3 Scarves
3 Cowls

It doesn't sound like much, but I always put off finishing the simplest of projects, so maybe with a deadline I'll be able to! 
*And as a side note, if YOU need to make a cowl, Grace also just released her first pattern for sale and it just happens to be an adorable little cowl pattern!  Check it out here.*

If you want to join in just go by Would You Like Yarn with That, and leave a comments letting Grace know! ;) 
I think this should be a lot of fun!  I'll be posting progress pics once I start in September :)

--And look!  Grace even made things fancy with a button! ;)  Most impressive.

So what are you waiting for?  Join in on the fun!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Star Wars Purse

Hi Everyone!

I made this purse last week, and I must say, it is my favorite. purse. ever. 
You all know that I love Star Wars, and I'm sure you can all guess that I love purses--throw in my favorite color pink, and you've got what is hands down my favorite crocheted item yet. 

And yes, it IS crocheted.  It looks like knitting, doesn't it?  ;)  I did this purse in Tunisian crochet, which was SO much fun!  I love Tunisian crochet, and the best part is:  You don't have to put in a lining! 
The stitch I used it the Tunisian knit stitch (which explains why it looks like knitting.)  I used white Red Heart Super Saver yarn and the pink is some lovely hand-dyed wool I recently posted about.  To add a little shaping to the purse I put some ribbon through the top edge and tied a bow. 
The Star Wars letters are of course my favorite part, though.  I lightly drew the outline of the letters on pink felt (From memory.  I regret not tracing the letters, they would have turned out better!), cut them out and used pink friendship-bracelet thread to blanket stitch them on. 
I think I may write up a pattern/tutorial for this one, if any of you are interested!

Let me know what you think!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jabba The Hutt Shoes

Hey Everyone!

Jennifer Landa posted this awesome tutorial over at the Star Wars blog today, and I had to share. 
These are really hilarious!

Photo is property of Jennifer Landa. 
Found here.

Somehow though, I think I would find it rather creepy--whenever you look down you would have Jabba staring back up at you.  Scary.

The tutorial is really well done! 
Awesome idea! :)

Have a super-awesome Tuesday!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Zero charge" and Clarabelle

Hey Everyone!

Sometimes I really wonder what is wrong with my MP3 player!

It seems to be rather indecisive

For example, today I turned it on before getting on the treadmill and it showed I had no charge at all. 
Like, zero. 
And yet, it lasted the entire 30 minutes that I exercised.  And it is still working right now as I type this.  I guess I could just charge it...but that would make too much sense, right? ;)

And it has a habit of changing its mind about how much charge I have.  One moment it is in the red zone.  The next, it is back to full charge.  Then red again.

Obviously there is some problem with that! :)  But then again, I named it Clarabelle, so maybe I'm the one with the problem... ;)  I love naming inanimate objects.  My MP3 player is Clarabelle, my Styrofoam head (for modeling hats) is Clarice, my printer is D-15 and my sewing machine is named Jenny.  

Do you any of you have devices with funny glitches? :)
...and am I the only one who names inanimate objects?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Awesome Anthropologie

Hey Everyone!

Am I the only one who is completely crazy about/in love with everything Anthropologie?
That was really a rhetorical question, from all of the Anthropologie knock-off tutorials out there, it is clear that I am not the only one. 

But the sad--OK, sad isn't even a strong enough word.  More like, unfortunate, heartbreaking and tragic--thing is, Anthropologie's prices are just as aw-inspiring as their items.  And by "Aw-inspiring" I mean, "Aw!  You're kidding! That shirt I like is $300?!"
So very sad.   But, nonetheless I continue to look through their items whenever new ones arrive. 
So today I'm sharing some of my current favorite Anthro items so we can all cry together :)

First up is the Enchanted Button Back Dress.
 I think it would work best as more of a tunic top
since it is a bit too short as a dress, but isn't it just darling?!

Now, how can you not love this?  I love the name too.
The Elvia Dress is so pretty :)

Palolem Shell
I love this one--don't you love the leaves around the neckline?

Crimped Alabaster Blouse
LOVE the sleeves and shaping on this one! 
Reminds me of something Eowyn would wear.

Parted Paisley Tank
This is SO pretty!  I love the color!
Hummingbird Poplin Skirt
 I love this!!!
Openwork Laurel Boots
I LOVE cutout boots!  These are just adorable!

And those are just a few of my favorite clothing items...don't even get me started on jewelry and hair accessories ;)

Which one is your favorite?