Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sock Doll Tutorial: Part 1

Hi Everyone!

Is it really possible--- two posts in one day???  Your eyes do not deceive you, my friend!

I finally got around to finishing the first tutorial for the sock doll on dying the socks.  Enjoy! 

                       The 4 small pieces to the left are the tops of the 2 socks in the middle, each cut in half.
                                 The piece to the far right is the top off a longer sock I had.
                              You will only need to dye the 4 small pieces and one of the socks. 
                                                            I hope this is making sense!   

     The only other supplies you will need are: a plastic tub half full (or half empty?) of water, a plastic spoon, and some brown paint (I used one of the small containers you can get at Home Depot.) 

I am sure no one else would make this mistake, but just in case---- ALWAYS make sure to close the lid to you paint all the way!   If you don't, you may end up with this...

Moving on. 

Get a spoonful of paint and mix it into the the water. 

                              Next, dip the socks in the water several times, squeezing them after each dip.

                                  Now just let the socks dry!  The same method works for yarn as well. 

                                    I'll be working on part 2 soon!

Have a great day!   

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