Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Zero charge" and Clarabelle

Hey Everyone!

Sometimes I really wonder what is wrong with my MP3 player!

It seems to be rather indecisive

For example, today I turned it on before getting on the treadmill and it showed I had no charge at all. 
Like, zero. 
And yet, it lasted the entire 30 minutes that I exercised.  And it is still working right now as I type this.  I guess I could just charge it...but that would make too much sense, right? ;)

And it has a habit of changing its mind about how much charge I have.  One moment it is in the red zone.  The next, it is back to full charge.  Then red again.

Obviously there is some problem with that! :)  But then again, I named it Clarabelle, so maybe I'm the one with the problem... ;)  I love naming inanimate objects.  My MP3 player is Clarabelle, my Styrofoam head (for modeling hats) is Clarice, my printer is D-15 and my sewing machine is named Jenny.  

Do you any of you have devices with funny glitches? :)
...and am I the only one who names inanimate objects?

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  1. Haha! Just yesterday my phone kept calling this number for no reason! I of course kept pressing end, but I can only imagine the confusion on the other side! :)


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