Friday, April 12, 2013

The Importance of Words

Hullo, friends!

Well, that title is just a tad ironic considering it has been forever and a day since I last posted. (I'll be back to regular posting now, promise.)

Anyways, BEFORE I do get back to my normal posting routine, I wanted to share some of the absolutely lovely sermon I heard the other day. It's by Trip Lee and is titled "The Importance of Words."

It was a really wonderful sermon--I HIGHLY recommend it--you can hear it at Here's some of the highlights I got from it, starting with a little analogy he used---
So, you have a cup. You are the only one who can see what's in it, so you can tell people whatever you want. For instance, you could say, "it's tea" or, "it's root beer." But no matter what you claim to have in it, when it spills out, everyone will see its true contents. Now, your heart is the same way. When you speak, you are spilling out the contents of your heart. You can SAY you are a Christian, but what are people really seeing from the things you say? And this isn't just the clever, thoughtful things you say. What about the things you said when you were angry? What about the jokes you tell your coworkers? Ultimately, you are going to be judged on every careless word you have ever spoken.
Never waste your words on anything that is dishonest, impure or disheartening.
Use your words to build others up, and above all, work to further the kingdom of God.

Much love <3

(Seriously, check it out at!)

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