Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Happy Week

Hullo Everyone!

How has your week been?  Mine has been especially awesome :)
Can you believe July is nearly over?  I'm a little sad, but I do like the fall. 
What are you looking forward to this August?  I'm looking forward to being able to wear some cowls ;)

So here are some things making me happy this week:

1.  Tunisian Crocheting.  You guys already know that I LOVE crocheting, but this Tunisian crochet makes me really happy.  Notice the super pretty pink yarn in there?  Isn't it lovely?!  AND it is hand-dyed by Grace Ann from Would You Like Yarn with That?--Thanks again, Grace!

2.  Doodles.  I love drawing on index cards :)  Star Wars characters tend to be my favorite subject matter.  I'm going to share a few sometime when I figure out how to scan them :) 

3.  These shoes.  I love them -SO- much.  So comfy.  So cute.  So in love with them.

I couldn't get a picture of mine, so here is a picture
 of the ones I have, found here. 

4.  Dragonflies.  I got 6 little iron-on cuties STILL IN THE PACKAGE at the local thrift store for 5 cents.  Sweet, right?!

5.  This hymn.  Check out the link to the post I did about it on The World of Woven Trees.  Such a nice song, love the words!

What sort of things are making you happy this week?


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  1. Aw! Thanks so much for the feature! At first I didn't realize it was my yarn!! :) Funny how yarn can look totally different when its in a skien and when it's worked up into something. :)
    And those shoes are the cutest things I think I've ever seen! Love them!
    Thanks again, dearest! :)
    ♥Grace Ann♥


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