Monday, May 21, 2012

LOTR Knife Replica

Hi Everyone!

Sorry it has (again!) been a while since I posted!
 But, thankfully I have something new to show you all. 
I recently watched the Lord of the Rings movies (which, I totally LOVE) and I've been trying to recreate some props.  Legolas, one of the elves, has a really awesome knife that I thought I could try to make a replica of.

Here is the knife I made, using this tutorial for a starting point.

 I made the little sheath to match as well.  No worries--the knife is really, really dull and thin metal. 
The designs on the blade and handle were painted on with some gold stencil paint I had on hand.  The paint is beautiful, however I ran into quite a few problems with it.  I painted it on one morning and then left it to dry.  Next morning:  Still wet.  It refused to dry, it rubbed off if anything touched it--it was SUCH a pain!  Thankfully, mod podge came to the rescue.  A thin layer over everything and it was fine!  Phew! 

I think I'm finally going to have more time for posting these next few weeks--YAY! 

Have a great day! :)

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