Thursday, January 17, 2013

{dreaming of spring}

Hullo, friends!

I've been messing around a bit with one of my favorite apps, Stylish Girl (which I very highly recommend!  It's completely freeeeeee!!)

One of my favorite features is the "Outfits" tab.  You can use items from your closet and/or wish list to create and save outfits--it's really nifty. 
Here is a little outfit I put together with some items I am currently loving.  I'm really, really getting tired of winter (I know--already?!) and can't wait for spring to hurry up and get here!  Hence all of the spring-y colors.  If you wanted to be more realistic, you could skip the necklace and add a scarf and coat instead, I suppose :)

Much love to you all <3
Basic Essentials corduroy pants, for $15, Couldn't Filigree More Bracelet, for $24, Time to Bow Bracelet, for $12, Pattern Familias Dress, for $19, Guaranteed Charm Necklace, for $24

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