Friday, January 11, 2013

high 5 for friday

Hullo, friends!

Ah, Friday! :) Time for the WEEKEND!

1.  I just finished up another commission the other day and am getting it ready to mail off :)  So excited!  (I'll be giving y'all an update on orders from me soon... stay tuned!)

2.  I picked up a cookie and was met with that sad little facial expression :D  Obviously the poor guy knew what was coming ;)  I was laughing SO hard!

3.  The best, cutest, most awesome cat ever.  (A.K.A. my cat Arwen)  Isn't she just adorable?  The found the little tie on my jacket and had a ball playing with it :)

4.  Thanks to the AWESOME picture-tutorial pictured (via Pinterest) I can now do a waterfall braid!  I am so excited, I just want to braid everything now!  (speaking of Pinterest, don't forget, you can follow me at

5.  And, speaking of my jacket, it is seriously the most awesome jacket, ever.  So awesome, that I seriously need to do a post sometime just about that jacket.  I could write a whole blog just about that jacket.  Love. it. so. much.  <3

I hope you are all having a lovely week--happy weekend! 

Much love to you all <3


  1. I love how much you love your jacket! It really is the best when you find a piece of clothing that just can't get any better! I have a cardigan like that, and at first I was mad about how much I paid for it, but now I feel like it's totally worth it! Haha! Stopping by from the link-up! Happy Friday!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! :) I really appreciate your comment!
      Agreed! I definitely have a few select clothing that are just the BEST, and nothing else can beat them :)
      Have a great weekend!
      Blessings <3


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