Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{let's talk style: lessons from the past}

Hullo, friends!

I've been hopping around Pinterest (seriously, check it out: and I've really fallen in love with some of the vintage clothing styles. 
The main reason being, it is incredible how they can be so modest, and STILL be ah-door-able--seriously. 
Let's take a look at a few examples of some lovely vintage dresses (via Pinterest):

A 1970's dress

1950's dress

1915 Peacock dress

1913 Peacock evening dress

1950's day dress

I think it brings up a really good point that I wish the fashion industry would catch on to already:  immodesty does not = cute. 
Not by a long shot.  For an outfit to be "modest" it does not have to mean skirts that go down to your feet, turtleneck sweaters or bonnets.  One of the definitions of "modest" is "reasonable: not large, extreme or excessive."  In my opinion, that is definitely the key to dressing modestly.  Let's face it, we all know when we've gone over the line as far as modesty--you can tell when something you are wearing is too short, too tight, too sheer, etc... 

I mean, don't get me wrong--I am all for modern/inventive styles--that's why I love fashion, there is so much creativity involved.  It can just be very irritating and discouraging when it seems like all of the cute clothing are waaaaay too immodest. However, I think that in most cases, things can be worked with to fix the problem if you are willing to take the extra time styling it right.  
So I was thinking, how fun would it be to try to turn a normally immodest clothing item into a modestly cute outfit?  Stay tuned y'all--I'm going to do a post soon doing just that :)

What are some ways you keep your outfits adorably modest?

Much love to you all <3

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  1. You bring up some great points! My personal fav way to keep a top modest is a tank-top underneath, plus it gives a really cute layered effect! :)
    Grace Ann


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