Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Alley Cat Scratch

Hi Everyone!

I know I mentioned the website Alley Cat Scratch in another post, so I thought I should follow up on it. 

Alley Cat Scratch is a totally awesome costume research website.  The branch of the website that I am most drawn to is the section on Lord of the Rings costumes. 

There is a detailed page on each costume--the construction, fabric used, reference photos, tips on how to make them, ect...  SO much great information!  They also have a HUGE section on making replicas of the costumes and accessories--even ways to fake armor and leather!  They also suggest different patterns you can buy that can be altered to work for certain costumes.  They cover just about everything!

Alley Cat Scratch is really worth checking out!

Have an awesome day! :)

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