Friday, June 15, 2012

A New Blog!

Hi Everyone!

I've been thinking about it for a while...and I finally did it.  I made another blog
I always want to talk about the costume/props and everything from Lord of the Rings, but I really don't want to bore my Stitching Up a Storm readers.  So, instead I've made a new blog where I plan to post about everything LOTR!

I'll still be posting here, of course, but I'll just be trying to stick more to actual stitching here.  I promise I won't neglect Stitching Up a Storm! 

After much thought and many sighs of disappointment (at blog names that have already been taken!) I have named my new blog "The World of Woven Trees." 
Pretty, right? :)

Please check it out when you have a chance!  I only have one post up so far, as I am still trying to work out a few kinks in the template, but it should be up and running soon. 
Here is the address:

Have a lovely day! :)

1 comment:

  1. YAY!!! Isn't that what the pilgrims to the Grey Havens were singing??
    I am SO happy that I have a new blog to follow! :)


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