Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Help!!! I need some ideas!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry if the post title is a little over dramatic, but I seriously DO need help with my current project!

As you all know, I love Lord of the Rings.  I also love making replicas of Lord of the Rings things.  And I also love making gifts
So, I am working on a LOTR birthday gift for someone, but I've run into a problem.
I am making Eomer's helmet--here is a pic, found here:

I've finished all of it but one thing--that lovely lock of horse hair up on top.  And to me, it can't really be recognized as being Eomer's helmet at all without the horse hair.
The problem is this--I have NO idea what to use for the hair!  I don't happen to own a horse (or anyone that would be willing to trim their horse's tail for my project!)

I thought that a cheap hair extension would work, and I still think it would--but obviously I underestimated how difficult is would be to find a cheap hair extension... I mean, really, who pays like $130.00 for a hair extension?! 
So, do you guys have ANY ideas for something that would work as faux horse hair?  Or where I can buy a cheap wig/hair extension? 
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks, have a great day! :)

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