Friday, December 14, 2012

high 5 for friday

Hullo friends!

1. Thank y'all! You are just awesome :) I enjoy you comments so much! Keep it up ;D

2. Keep calm and carry a light saber! Seriously, how cute is that phrase?! Love it. I saw the idea for a necklace like that, so of course I promptly stole the idea and made one for myself :)

3. Yum! I love hot vegetable soup on cold days :)

4. Check out the Piano infinity app--awesomeness!

5. I made these gloves and I really love them. So I made another pair. And I'm working on the third. Best part? I have a PATTERN I'm writing for them! :)

Blessings! <3


  1. Stopping by from the H54F linkup...

    I'll have to check out the piano infinity app. Looks like fun!

    1. Hey there!
      Thank you for commenting!
      Definitely! It is a really fun app--and it's free! :)
      Blessings <3

  2. I love those gloves, any chance you'd be willing to share your pattern?


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