Thursday, December 20, 2012

{it's not the end of the world}

Hullo, friends!

You'd better be getting ready--the Mayan's calendar ends tomorrow, so obviously that must mean the world ends with it....right?

Well, although this idea really just has SO much common sense working for it, the Bible has something else to say:
Check out Matthew 24:36:
NO ONE knows the day or hour! Not even the Mayans.

People are always predicting when the world will end--so why are so many people placing their trust in a so called "prediction" by a civilization that eventually fell, anyway?

We may not know WHEN the world will end, but by reading Revelations we do know that it will. And even if the world does not end within our lifetimes, we are still going to die either way.

And what happens then? Are you a good person? Good enough to get into heaven?
Go to will give you an incredibly interesting (and completely anonymous) quiz to find out.

Please, don't wait for your world to end to acknowledge God. You don't have to wait until you think you are "ready" or things are "right" in your life. The time to act is now.

Much love to you all <3

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